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Presenter NameSessionPresentation Title
Hans Petter HolenClosing PlenaryClosing Remarks2015-05-15
Menno SchepersClosing PlenaryRIPE Meeting Technical Report2015-05-15
Sander SteffannClosing PlenaryIPv6 Deployment in Saudi Arabia2015-05-15
Carsten StrotmannClosing PlenaryOne Year of DANE Secured Mail – Tales and Lessons Learned2015-05-15
Axel PawlikNRO/RIR ReportsNRO EC Update2015-05-15
Athina FragkouliNRO/RIR ReportsReport from the CCWG - ICANN Accountability2015-05-14
Gianina PenskyNRO/RIR ReportsLACNIC Update2015-05-14
Paul WilsonNRO/RIR ReportsAPNIC Update2015-05-14
Piotr StrzyzewskiDatabaseNew Proposals2015-05-14
Job SnijdersDatabaseRestrict usage of RIPE- NCC-RPSL-MNT2015-05-14
Job SnijdersDatabaseCross-registry authentication for IRR Data BoF2015-05-14
Job SnijdersDatabaseContinue Promotion of the New AFRINIC RR2015-05-14
Job SnijdersDatabasesource: Field for Non-RIPE Address Space2015-05-14
Alexander AzimovRoutingLatency IPv4 vs IPv6 Understanding the difference2015-05-14
William SylvesterDatabaseOrphaned Objects2015-05-14
Jan ZorzIPv6D4. 554, 631 - What's the Next IPV6 Speed Bump?2015-05-14
Tim BruijnzeelsDatabasePersonalised Authentication2015-05-14
Tim BruijnzeelsDatabaseNew Database Software Functionality2015-05-14
Tim BruijnzeelsDatabaseDatabase Operational Update2015-05-14
Dave WilsonIPv6WG Chair Replacement Procedure Discussion2015-05-14
Rejo ZengerCooperationCampaigning for Security and Privacy2015-05-14
Rejo ZengerCooperationCampaigning for Security and Privacy2015-05-14
Dan KohnCooperationWhy Should People Trust Technology if We Can’t Guarantee Security?2015-05-14
Ingrid WijteNRO/RIR ReportsNRO Statistics2015-05-14
Colin PetrieRoutingRIPE NCC Updates on the Routing Information Service (RIS)2015-05-14
Chris BuckridgeCooperationWSIS + 10 = ?2015-05-14
Jen LinkovaIPv6IPv6 Deployment Bumps Discussion/Brainstorming Session2015-05-14
Cengiz AlaettinogluRoutingThe Role of Analytics in Routing, Network Performance and SDN2015-05-14
Joao Damas & Rob EvansRoutingAdministrivia2015-05-14
Joao Damas & Rob EvansRoutingAdministrivia2015-05-14
Jen LinkovaIPv6D1. IPv6-Only Network @RIPE702015-05-14
Nigel TitleyDatabaseActions update2015-05-14
Marco HogewoningN/AEuroDIG Net Neutrality Statement2015-05-14
Corinne CathCooperationToward human rights-preserving technological standards2015-05-14
Yasuhiro OharaRoutingbgpdump2: A Tool for Full BGP Route Comparison2015-05-14
Robert KistelekiDatabaseUsing RPKI for Signing RPSL Objects2015-05-14
Guillaume ValadonOpen SourceF2. Lightning Talk: Scapy, a Packet Manipulation Tool2015-05-14
Alexandra PermyakovaCooperationA Part of the Technical Community as one of the Stakeholders on Internet Governance in Russia2015-05-14
Mani ManimohanCooperationThe Open Internet: A Mobile Industry Perspective2015-05-14
Scott MarcusCooperationAn overview of Net Neutrality regulation in Europe2015-05-14
Mike BlancheCooperationAn overview of the FCC’s Open Internet Order2015-05-14
Yasuhiro OharaRoutingbgpdump2: A Tool for Full BGP Route Comparison2015-05-14
Patrik WallströmOpen SourceZonemaster - Do We Need Another DNS Testing Tool?2015-05-14
Willem TooropOpen SourceF1. Lightning Talk: getdns API Implementation2015-05-14
Aaron HughesIPv6IPv6 for ISP2015-05-14
Enno ReyIPv6OS Behavior in Contradicting Environments2015-05-14
Enno ReyIPv6OS Behavior in Contradicting Environments2015-05-14
Geoff HustonDNSTyre-kicking the DNS2015-05-14
Geoff HustonIPv6IPv6: Who Is and Who Isn't?2015-05-14
Martin WinterOpen SourceAdministrative Matters2015-05-14
Leslie CarrOpen SourceF3. Lightning Talk: Cumulus Networks Automation Modules2015-05-13
Eric VynckeIPv6HTTP State Management (Cookie) in an IPv6 World: Apply Caution!2015-05-13
Marco PrauseDNSNetwork-Tuning for DNS Zone Transfers in (lossy) Long Fat Networks2015-05-13
Marek VavrusaDNSKnot Resolver – A More Thorough Introduction2015-05-13
Aaron HughesNRO/RIR ReportsARIN Update2015-05-13
Nathalie Kunneke-TrenamanIPv6D2. Lost Stars2015-05-13
Wilhelm BoeddinghausIPv6Use Cases for IPv6 Extension Headers - Let's Do Some Marketing2015-05-13
Steven BarthOpen SourceBuilding an Open Source IPv6 Configuration Architecture for OpenWrt2015-05-13
Mihnea-Costin GrigoreRIPE NCC ServicesRedesigned RIPE NCC Website2015-05-13
Jen LinkovaIPv6Administrativia2015-05-13
Jen LinkovaIPv6Administrativia2015-05-13
Kaveh RanjbarRIPE NCC ServicesRIPE NCC Technical Services Update2015-05-13
Axel PawlikRIPE NCC ServicesRIPE NCC Update2015-05-13
Vesna ManojlovicMATRIPE Atlas News2015-05-13
Vesna ManojlovicMATResult of the RIPE Atlas Hackathon2015-05-13
Paul RendekRIPE NCC ServicesRIPE NCC External Relations Update2015-05-13
Bijal SanghaniConnectEuro-IX Support Programs2015-05-13
Bruce Van NiceAnti-AbuseE2. DNS-Based DDoS: Fast Changing Threat2015-05-13
Andrew OwensConnectAfrican peering and interconnection2015-05-13
Jane CoffinConnectISOC IXP Development Program2015-05-13
Christian KaufmannMATIntroduction: Welcome, Scribe, Jabber, Agenda2015-05-13
Kurt Erik LindqvistConnectEuropean IXP Topography2015-05-13
Nick HilliardConnectEuro-IX JSON Export Schema2015-05-13
Remco van MookConnectMain presentation2015-05-13
Enno ReyAddress PolicyWill it Be Routed?2015-05-13
Elvis Daniel VeleaAddress PolicyChange size of last /22 allocations2015-05-13
Kurtis LindqvistRIPE NCC ServicesAgenda2015-05-13
Elvis Daniel VeleaAddress Policy2015-01, 2015-05-13
Brian NisbetAnti-AbuseRIPE 70 AA-WG Agenda2015-05-13
Edward LewisDNSRoot Zone KSK Rollover2015-05-13
Ólafur GuðmundssonDNSDNSSEC ECDSA Algorithm Use and Acceptance2015-05-13
Sandoche BALAKRICHENANDNSTest Cases for Validating a DNS Delegation - A Step Towards Best Practice2015-05-13
Andrea CimaAddress PolicyFeedback From NCC Registration Services2015-05-13
Jim MartinDNSDLV Sunset2015-05-13
Jean-Jacques SahelNRO/RIR ReportsIANA Update2015-05-12
Gert DoeringAddress PolicyAPWG steering slides2015-05-12
Keith MItchellConnectOpen-IX Update2015-05-12
George MichaelsonMATA Basic ISP Ranking by Market Share, from Random Measurements2015-05-12
Anand BuddhdevDNSRIPE NCC Report2015-05-12
Erik BaisAddress PolicyGeneral Transfer Policy - draft2015-05-12
James KennedyAddress Policy2015-02 Keep IPv6 PI When Requesting IPv6 Allocation2015-05-12
Alexander BrinkmannAddress PolicyIntroduction of 2015-032015-05-12
Jan VčelákDNSKnot DNS 2.0: Status Update2015-05-12
Job SnijdersBoFCross-registry Authentication for IRR Data2015-05-12
Andreas SchmidtRACIInternet security communities and the open source production model2015-05-12
Gianni AntichiOpen SourceOSNT - A Community-owned Platform for High-performance and Low-cost Network Testing2015-05-12
Ahmad AlsadehRACIAugmented SEND: Aligning Security, Privacy, and Usability2015-05-12
Bendert ZevenbergenPlenaryInternet Engineering Meets Philosophy: Establishing Ethical Guidelines for Networked Systems Research2015-05-12
Marco SchmidtAddress PolicyCurrent Policy Topics2015-05-12
IANA Stewardship Transition: Next Steps for the RIPE CommunityPlenaryIANA Stewardship Transition: Next Steps for the RIPE Community2015-05-12
Jim CowiePlenaryChange of Address: Issues in the IPv4 Transfer Market2015-05-12
Christoph DietzelMATMeasuring Delay and Packet Loss at an IXP2015-05-12
Thomas KingOpen SourcejFlowLib2015-05-12
Marco HogewoningAnti-AbuseD2. RIPE NCC Government/LEA Interactions Update2015-05-12
Marc IbrahimRACICOMIQUAL: Collaborative Measurement of Internet Quality in Lebanon2015-05-12
Jon FlahertyAnti-AbuseE1. Mapping out Cyber Crime Infrastructure - A Law Enforcement Approach2015-05-12
Chiara OrsiniMAT“BGPStream” (An Open Source Framework for Live/Historical BGP Data Analysis)2015-05-12
Eric VynckePlenaryHow to Secure Routing Header for Segment Routing2015-05-12
Job SnijdersPlenaryIRR Lockdown – How to Make the Most of Existing IRR Systems2015-05-12
Ólafur GuðmundssonPlenaryKeeping DNS Parents and Children in Sync at Internet Speed!2015-05-12
FANOU RoderickRACIOn the Diversity of Interdomain Routing in Africa2015-05-12
Michael BehringerPlenaryA Virtual Out of Band Channel2015-05-12
Arthur CarindalNRO/RIR ReportsAFRINIC Update2015-05-12
Benno OvereinderPlenaryBuilding a More Trusted and Secure Internet2015-05-11
Chris GrundemannBCOP TaskForceUpdate from NANOG BCOP2015-05-11
Bart Braem - Roger Baig VinasPlenaryAn Introduction to Community Networks2015-05-11
Ólafur GuðmundssonBCOP TaskForceDNS TTL Values for the Modern World2015-05-11
George MichaelsonPlenaryCryptech Needs You!2015-05-11
Berry van HalderenPlenaryInternetNL Pushing Internet Standards2015-05-11
Guillaume ValadonBCOP TaskForceA Guide About DDoS Attacks - Understanding and anticipating DDoS attacks2015-05-11
Thomas KingPlenaryMaking Route Servers Aware of Data Link Failure at IXPs2015-05-11
Gunter Van de VeldeBCOP TaskForceNetwork Operations Simplicity BCOP2015-05-11
Hans Petter HolenOpening PlenaryWelcome to RIPE 702015-05-11
Daniel QuinnWorkshopAdvanced Topics in RIPE Atlas Usage2015-05-11
Greg ShepherdOpening PlenaryBIER – Bit Indexed Explicit Replication2015-05-11
Greg HankinsOpening PlenaryEvolution of Ethernet Speeds - What’s New and What’s Next2015-05-11
Remco van MookOpening PlenaryThe $1,000 internet exchange2015-05-11
Axel PawlikNewcomers' IntroductionRIPE Meeting 101 - About RIPE NCC2015-05-11
Hans Petter HolenNewcomers' IntroductionRIPE Meeting 101 - About RIPE2015-05-11
Benno Overeinder and Jan ZorzBCOP TaskForceAdministrative Matters and Agenda Bashing2015-05-11
David LebrunPlenarySegment Routing: IPv6, Implementation and a Practical Use Case2015-05-10
Massimo CandelaPlenaryRIPE Atlas streaming2015-05-10
Chris GrundemannPlenaryOperators and the IETF – What Next?2015-05-10
Martijn HoogestegerOpening PlenaryITSA: Internet Traffic Statistics Archive2015-05-10
Casey DeccioTutorialsHands-on DNSSEC with DNSViz2015-05-09
Ivan PepelnjakPlenarySoftware Defined Networks – Four Years Later2015-05-08
Luigi IannoneTutorialsLISP (Locator/ID Separation Protocol) Tutorial2015-05-07
Iljitsch van BeijnumTutorialsGet Your Hands Dirty with BGP2015-05-07