IPv6 Working Group Agenda

Thursday, 14 May 09:00 - 10:30

A. Administrativia 
B. HTTP State Management (Cookie) in an IPv6 World: Apply Caution!
Eric Vynke
C. Use Cases for IPv6 Extension Headers - Let's Do Some Marketing
Wilhelm Boeddinghaus
D. OS Behavior in Contradicting Environments
Christopher Werny & Enno Rey
E. IPv6 for ISP
Aaron Hughes

Thursday, 14 May 16:00 - 17:30

A. Administrativia 
B. WG Chair Replacement Procedure Discussion  
C. IPv6: Who Is and Who Isn't?
Geoff Huston
D. Lightning Talks:
  • D1. IPv6-Only Network @RIPE70
    Jen Linkova
  • D2. Lost Stars
    Natalie Trenaman
  • D3. Software & IPv6
    Natalie Trenaman

  • D4. 554, 631 - What's the Next IPV6 Speed Bump?
    Jan Zorz
E. IPv6 Deployment Bumps Discussion/Brainstorming Session