Cooperation Working Group Agenda

Thursday, 14 May 11:00 - 12:30


Session 1: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Net Neutrality but Were Too Afraid to Ask

An Overview of the FCC’s Open Internet Order
An informative, brass-tacks overview of the order, what it means for operators, and what the road ahead looks like.
Mike Blanche, Internet Policy Expert and Cool Guy
20 min + 10 min Q/A
An Overview of Net Neutrality Regulation in Europe
An informative overview of the net neutrality situation in the EU, where it came from, where it’s headed, and how operators may or may not be impacted.
Scott Marcus, Internet Policy Expert
20 min + 10 min Q/A
Inside the Net Neutrality Sausage Factory
Meet one of the authors of the Netherlands’ net neutrality rules, discussing how principles become legislation, and how the complexity of networked systems and entrenched interests make that even more interesting.
Bendert Zevenbergen, Oxford Internet Institute
15 min + 5 min Q/A

The Open Internet: A Mobile Industry Perspective
A representative from GSMA will discuss the mobile operators’ desire for operational and commercial flexibility (and define what this means), and review how such flexibility can be useful in maintaining an Open Internet.
Mani Manimohan, GSMA
15 min + 5 min Q/A

Thursday, 14 May 14:00 - 15:30


Session 2: Where Do Human Rights Fit on the OSI Stack?

A Part of the Technical Community as one of the Stakeholders on Internet Governance in Russia
Alexandra Permyakova
15 min + 5 min Q/A
Toward Human Rights-preserving Technological Standards
How would we measure a standard against human rights concerns? How would we incorporate this into the standards process(es)? How can those impacted by technologies gain a credible voice within the technological debate? Corinne Cath studies this and much more at OII, and she’ll provide some thoughts, some complications, and a hopeful picture of what could be possible.
Corinne Cath, Oxford Internet Institute
15 min + 5 min Q/A
Campaigning for Security and Privacy
Learn about Bits of Freedom’s non-traditional approach to creating and promoting technologies and policies that protect privacy, security, and freedom of communication.
Rejo Zenger, Bits of Freedom
15 min + 5 min Q/A
Why Should People Trust Technology if We Can’t Guarantee Security?
Answer: they probably shouldn't, because so much of our upstream dependencies are poorly tested, antiquated, built by under-resourced efforts, and otherwise ill-equipped to carry the weight of all of the Internet’s security. But, there are efforts out there trying to change that. Dan and Meredith will tell you about them.
Dan Kohn, Linux Foundation, Core Infrastructure Initiative and Meredith Whittaker, Google Open Source Research
15 min + 5 min Q/A
RIPE NCC Updates
Chris Buckridge, RIPE NCC
10 min