Candidate Biographies (in alphabetical order)

Shane Kerr


Statement of Interest:

I have been involved with the RIPE community for 15 years now, and been on the RIPE PC for the past 2 years. I have enjoyed this work very much, and would like a chance to serve on the PC again.


Shane Kerr is the Chief Architect at the BII (the Beijing Internet Institute) Lab.

He started his involvement with Internet organizations when he worked at ARIN as a software engineer. While there he helped implement ARIN’s first IPv6 registry. Since then he moved to the RIPE NCC, working on the RIPE Database and eventually managed the RIPE NCC software engineering department. Shane joined ISC, best known for making the BIND DNS server, working on the ISC team that added DHCPv6 support to the ISC DHCP server. He led on the BIND 10 project at ISC, also spending time as the Director of DNS Software. He helped build the software for Dyn’s Hivecast system. Currently he is the Chief Architect at BII Labs, working on researching alternate models for DNS root server deployment, DNS standards, and open-source DNS software development.

Shane served as a RIPE IPv6 working group co-chair for several years, and has been on the RIPE Programme Committee for the past 4 meetings.

Benno Overeinder


Statement of Interest:

In the past two years I have been serving in the RIPE PC and enjoyed to be part of this energetic group. I will continue to actively attract contributions from research and engineering, and preferably where research and engineering meets. It would be a privilege to be a member of the RIPE PC for another two years.


Benno Overeinder is a managing director at NLnet Labs. NLnet Labs is a non-profit research lab whose mission is to build a bridge between academic results and practical deployment of new technology in our networks. As a research engineer, Benno is particularly interested how results from research have practical and operational implications on how we run our networks.

Before joining NLnet Labs in 2007, Benno obtained his MSc. and PhD. in Computer Science from the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Until 2001, he was a researcher at the University of Amsterdam, and from 2001 to 2007, he worked as an assistant professor at the VU University Amsterdam. His topics of interest were parallel & distributed computing, run-time support and middleware systems, grid computing and resource management, intelligent autonomous systems and autonomic computing.

At NLnet Labs, Benno’s topics of interest are DNS and inter-domain routing, two important Internet infrastructures. In the past years, he has worked on DNS name servers and resolvers, DNSSEC and its deployment, inter-domain routing, routing control plane configuration and management, inter-domain routing security, IPv6 deployment, and Internet measurements at large. He is also active in a number of IETF working groups and is co-chair of the RIPE BCOP TF.

Joshua Sahala


Statement of Interest:

During the past sixteen years, I have held a variety of roles in internet operations and engineering, and have been an active participant, presenter, officer, and committee member of different operator or technical user groups such as: NANOG, NZNOG, Internet Society (Colorado Chapter), and the Rocky Mountain v6 Task Force. I look forward to the opportunity to serve the RIPE community that being on the Programme Committee represents.


Joshua is currently an Interconnection Strategist with Microsoft who focuses on expanding the network footprint and optimizing existing peering and backbone infrastructure. He has previously held various roles in network architecture and operations.

He is on the DE-CIX Customer Advisory Board, the Rocky Moutain IPv6 Task Force Steering Committee, is a Vice Chair of the Colorado Chapter of the Internet Society, and has been a member, presenter, and committee member of NANOG, NZNOG, and various vendor and technical user groups.

Curriculum Vitae