Daily Meeting Report - Monday, 11 May 2015

Attendees checked in so far: 522

We had more attendees checked in by the end of Monday than ever before! This looks to be another huge, record-breaking meeting. To top it off, the weather was unusually warm and beautiful by Amsterdam standards…What an auspicious start to the meeting week!

The morning started with parallel tutorials: Get Your Hands Dirty with BGP, Hands-on DNSSEC with DNSViz and LISP (Locator/ID Separation Protocol).


A first-time RIPE Meeting attendee takes the RIPE Meeting 101 quiz.

Before lunch, first-time RIPE Meeting attendees took a course in “RIPE Meeting 101” with RIPE Chair Hans Petter Holen and RIPE NCC Managing Director Axel Pawlik at the Newcomers’ Introduction session. At the end of the session, the newcomers took part in a quiz to test their RIPE and RIPE NCC knowledge.

Empty seats filled up quickly after lunch with few seats to spare in the Main Room when the Opening Plenary started at 14:00.

Highlights of the Opening Plenary included:

  • A welcome by RIPE Chair Hans Petter Holen
  • An overview of the evolution of Ethernet speeds
  • BIER (why yes, that is the Dutch spelling of beer, as several attendees noted on Twitter – but in this case it refers to Bit Indexed Explicit Replication)
  • How to make route servers aware of data link failure at IXPs
  • A presentation on SDN, jokingly referred to as “Still Don’t kNow”, emphasised the importance of automation and made the point that, “technology is an enabler, not a solution”

Monday’s lightning talks garnered a lot of attention. The first highlighted the Internet Traffic Statistics Archive and the second, titled “The 1000 Dollar Internet Exchange”, encouraged everyone to build a community first, and then scale up. In the second plenary session, RIPE Atlas users were given a sneak peek of what the new streaming architecture can do for them, the need for better cryptographic standards was highlighted, and the last lightning talk of the day looked at Internet standards.

opening plenaryThe day wrapped up with a BCOP Task Force session and a tutorial on the advanced use of RIPE Atlas.

All the presentations, and webcasts for the plenary sessions, are available online.

Attendees had the chance to meet and discuss things with the RIPE NCC Executive Board before catching up with old friends and meeting new acquaintances at the welcome drinks.