Open Source Working Group Agenda

Thursday, 14 May 11:00 - 12:30

A. Administrative Matters [5 min]
  • Welcome
  • Scribe
  • Finalise Agenda
  • Approval of Minutes from Previous WG Meeting(s)
  • Review of Action List
B. jFlowLib [15 min]
Thomas King, DE CIX

This library is able to read and write sFLow and IPFIX data in the format coming from Force10 and Alcatel Lucent boxes. At DE-CIX we use it internally to parse sFlow and IPFIX data, multiplex it (to different collectors), anonymise data and generate graphs.
More about jFlowLib:
C. OSNT - A Community-owned Platform for High-performance and Low-cost Network Testing [20 min]
Gianni Antichi, University of Cambridge

Despite network monitoring and testing being critical for computer networks, current solutions are both extremely expensive and Closed Source. Into this lacuna we launch the Open Source Network Tester (OSNT), a fully Open Source, high-performance traffic generator and capture system. This talk will present both the overall OSNT architecture and one of its most prominent use cases: next-generation OpenFlow switches testing.
D. Zonemaster - Do We Need Another DNS Testing Tool? [10 min]
Patrik Wallström

Zonemaster is software for testing DNS delegations. It is based on previous efforts such as Zonecheck and DNSCheck, and is a collaboration between AFNIC and .SE. This talk will present how we undertook the project and what kind of results we have achieved. Results include clear test specifications, a fully functional tool, and an extensible framework for writing custom tools. We will also explore future developments in DNS testing.
More about Zonemaster:
E. Building an Open Source IPv6 Configuration Architecture for OpenWrt [20 min]
Steven Barth, OpenWrt

Describing how we implemented and integrated RA, DHCPv6, prefix delegation and softwires (such as DS-Lite, LW4over6 or MAP) into a multi-homing capable system. Showing issues and quirks we found in a variety of ISP and client implementations and describes ongoing development on autonomic configuration and management of next generation home networks as proposed to the IETF homenet working group.
F. Open Source Lightning Updates [20 min]
  • F1. Lightning Talk: getdns API Implementation [5min]
    Willem Toorop, NLnet Labs
    After a short reminder/introduction of what the getdns library is (an implementation of a DNS API by and for application developers), Willem will go over the developments since the last presentation at RIPE68 in Warsaw.
  • F2. Lightning Talk: Scapy, a Packet Manipulation Tool
    Valadon Guillaume, ANSSI
    A brief presentation of the tool and an update of the development done at
  • F3. Lightning Talk: Cumulus Networks Automation Modules
    Leslie Carr, Cumulus Networks
    Cumulus has now pushed automation modules to Chef, Puppet, and Ansible (and they're all available on github!) - why we think automation modules are awesome.
G. Closing Remarks [5 min]