14:00 < romeo_ncc> hi all, I am Romeo from the RIPE NCC
14:00 < romeo_ncc> If you have questions/comments for the presenter and want me to read it out, please state your name/affiliation and I'll go to the mic when questions are called for.
14:00 < romeo_ncc>  Please note that all chat transcripts will be archived and made available to the public on
14:01 < romeo_ncc> Rob Evans opens the meeting
14:05 < romeo_ncc> Cengiz Alaettinoglu started his presentation "The Role of Analytics in Routing, Network Performance and SDN"
14:35 < romeo_ncc> Cengiz has asked for questions
14:36 < romeo_ncc> Yasuhiro Ohara started his presentation "bgpdump2: A Tool for Full BGP Route Comparison"
14:50 < romeo_ncc> Are there any questions?
14:51 < romeo_ncc> Presentation ended
14:51 < romeo_ncc> Alexander Azimov is presenting "Latency IPv4 vs IPv6: Understanding the Difference"
15:00 < romeo_ncc> Alexander has asked for questions
15:02 < romeo_ncc> The presentation has ended
15:02 < romeo_ncc> Colin Petrie is presenting "RIPE NCC Updates on the Routing Information Service (RIS)"
15:06 < slm> anybody know whether you can (now?) get to the older-than-3-months data from the RIPEstat page?
15:08 < StucchiMax_NCC> slm: Yes, you can see that data
15:08 < StucchiMax_NCC> If you check in the routing tab on the left when you perform a search
15:08 < romeo_ncc> @slm: depending on the RIPEstat widget. For the widgets where it makes sense, you will see the historic data by default
15:10 < slm> thanks. have found ways to look at last-3-months, but not older stuff
15:12 < slm> hm. architecture slides does not show archives feeding RIPEstat. problably reading too much into the picture
15:12 < romeo_ncc> @slm: widgets with historic data will also have sliders, etc, in the user interface that will allow you to go back in time
15:15 < romeo_ncc> Colin asked for questions
15:22 < romeo_ncc> The presentation has ended
15:25 < romeo_ncc> Rob has asked for comments
15:26 < slm> slm: (for the mike) Sandy Murphy, Parsons. Did anyone bring up Geoff Huston's remarks to the SIDR working group pointing out a potential problem with a no-AS-authr ?
15:26 < romeo_ncc> The meeting has been closed
15:26 < slm> slm: darn. must learn to type faster
15:26 < romeo_ncc> @slm: I am sorry, you came in 2 seconds late.
15:51 < pg> mic ara still active