10:55 < Oliver_RIPENCC> Hi everyone, I’m Oliver Payne from the RIPE NCC. If you have questions/comments for the presenter and want me to read it out, please state your name/affiliation and I'll go to the mic when questions are called for. Please note that all chat transcripts will be archived and made available to the public on
11:03 < Oliver_RIPENCC> Martin Winter & Ondrej Filip have begun the Introduction
11:06 < Oliver_RIPENCC> Thomas King has begun the presentation 'jFlowLib'
11:07 < shane> Nice that we have an operating system channel in RIPE finally. 😉
11:07 < amd2-ripe> heh, yeah 😉
11:07 < AlexBand> woohoo
11:07 < mauriez> haha
11:14 < Oliver_RIPENCC> Thomas has asked for questions.
11:14 < Oliver_RIPENCC> The presentation has ended.
11:15 < Oliver_RIPENCC> Gianni Antichi has begun the presentation 'OSNT - A Community-owned Platform for High-performance and Low-cost Network Testing'
11:28 < Oliver_RIPENCC> Gianni has asked for questions
11:34 < Oliver_RIPENCC> The presentation has ended.
11:35 < Oliver_RIPENCC> Patrik Wallström has begun the presentation 'Zonemaster - Do We Need Another DNS Testing Tool?'
11:45 < Oliver_RIPENCC> Patrik has asked for questions.
11:45 < Oliver_RIPENCC> The presentation has ended.
11:45 < Oliver_RIPENCC> Steven Barth has begun the presentation 'Building an Open Source IPv6 Configuration Architecture for OpenWrt'
11:46 < shane> I reboot my OpenWRT router every night, to be honest. 🙁
11:46 < shane> Well, cron does. :
11:47 < shane> Well, cron does. 😛
11:47 < leslie> really ?
11:47 < leslie> mine’s up pretty much 24/7 and happy
11:47 < leslie> the only problem is that i am getting upgraded to 300mbit link soon, and it can’t NAT that quickly — unless someone knows a openwrt capable router that is that fast! (i was going to get a ubiquiti if not 🙁 )
11:48 < shane> Yeah, it was a lazy admin way to avoid having to debug various issues like aiccu tunnel failure, resolver (unbound) cache getting too big, my ISP changing my IP and not re-issuing a DHCP lease, and so on.
11:48 < Habbie> you have problems
11:48 < shane> Yeah, my router does too. 😉
11:48 < Habbie> 🙂
11:49 < AlexBand> My ISP gives me a FrtizBox and frankly I completely lost the need for openwrt...
11:50 < mihnea_RIPENCC> I just gave up and bought a simple Zotac "NUC"-style PC for my routing… dual Ethernet + a USB3 one, works wonders
11:50 < mihnea_RIPENCC> at least you don't have to worry any more about resource constraints
11:52 < bengan> my isp gave a shitbox and i need a real one so I stay with openwrt
11:52 < shane> Try running i2p on it, you'll have resource complaints again. 😉
11:52 < AlexBand> WAN -> LAN throughput is a real issue once the speeds go up... with 200-500Mbit speeds being relatively normal in NL now...
11:54 < AlexBand> I intended to use my Airport Extreme but it turned out to be way too slow to handle 500/500 FTTH
11:57 < mihnea_RIPENCC> FTTH? Pretty cool… what's the upload?
11:58 < amd2-ripe> AlexBand: what's the price of 500/500 ? from the ads on TV it doesn't appear bandwith is cheap in .nl
11:58 < amd2-ripe> (I may have just seen the wrong ads)
11:58 < AlexBand> 60E/month
12:00 < AlexBand> Then you get a FritzBox 7490, native IPv6, set your own hostname, shell access, a SIM to stick in your favourite tablet with free 200MB traffic per month and a helpdesk that knows what it's talking about.
12:02 < amd2-ripe> not bad
12:02 < amd2-ripe> does remind me, I should bother my isp about ipv6
12:02 < sps4-ripe> psh..
12:02 < sps4-ripe> your ISP can give you IPv6 .. next year 😛
12:03 < AlexBand> 500 is quite insane really...
12:04 < dRk> which ISP AlexBand ?
12:04 < AlexBand> XS4ALL
12:04 < dRk> ah.
12:04 < dRk> for reference, I use a ubiquiti edgemax PoE for 1G FTTH, and I'm very pleased with it
12:04 < amd2-ripe> AlexBand: it's a speed where you suddenly consider not having data local, but just fetching it when you need it 🙂
12:05 < dRk> (only problem is the SIT tunneling stuff is not yet offloaded to hardware, so my v6 tunnel is slow)
12:05 < Oliver_RIPENCC> Steven has asked for questions.
12:05 < Oliver_RIPENCC> The presentation has ended.
12:06 < shane> My ISP is somewhat less progressive for IPv6:
12:06 < shane> 😛
12:06 < Oliver_RIPENCC> Willem Toorop has begun the presentation 'Lightning Talk: getdns API Implementation'
12:06 < AlexBand> amd2-ripe absolutely
12:06 < dRk> you have caiway? didn't know they operated in that area of the country..
12:07 < AlexBand> I'm not super impressed with the wifi on the FritzBox, but other than that is is a very capable box
12:12 < Oliver_RIPENCC> The presentation has ended.
12:12 < Oliver_RIPENCC> Valadon Guillaume has begun the presentation 'Lightning Talk: Scapy, a Packet Manipulation Tool'
12:17 < shane> Caiway is the cable TV provider in the deep south (Uithoorn). It's the only way to have glass!
12:17 < mauriez> which is only a few km's away)
12:18 < Oliver_RIPENCC> The presentation has ended
12:18 < mauriez> hmm.. i meant.. i always hated the fact that they didnt cover vinkeveen.. which is only a few kms away 🙂
12:18 < Oliver_RIPENCC> Leslie Carr has begun the presentation 'Lightning Talk: Cumulus Networks Automation Modules'
12:19 < shane> agent-ful
12:22 < Oliver_RIPENCC> The presentation has ended.
12:23 < leslie> hehe, agentful is a word!
12:24 < Oliver_RIPENCC> The session has ended.