14:02 < MaxStucchi_NCC> Hello! I'm Max Stucchi, and will be here for the MAT Session to gather questions on the chat and relay them to the room
14:05 < MaxStucchi_NCC> We now have Vesna giving us an update about RIPE Atlas
14:06 < mickod-2110> propose we change the name of this working group to the applause-wg 🙂
14:06 < MaxStucchi_NCC> mickod-2110: should I relay the comment to the room ? 🙂
14:07 < mickod-2110> absolutely 😀
14:07 < mickod-2110> *not*
14:12 < MaxStucchi_NCC> Any questions for Vesna ?
14:16 < MaxStucchi_NCC> If you have any question for Vesna, I can relay them to the room
14:18 < MaxStucchi_NCC> George Michaelson has begun the presentation "A Basic ISP Ranking by Market Share, from Random Measurements"
14:36 < MaxStucchi_NCC> The presentation has ended.
14:36 < MaxStucchi_NCC> Any questions for George Michaelson ?
14:37 < MaxStucchi_NCC> I would be more than happy to relay them to the room
14:42 < MaxStucchi_NCC> Chiara Orsini has begun the presentation "'BGPStream' (An Open Source Framework for Live/Historical BGP Data Analysis)"
15:00 < MaxStucchi_NCC> The presentation has ended
15:00 < MaxStucchi_NCC> Are there any questions for Chiara ?
15:03 < MaxStucchi_NCC> Christoph Dietzel has begun the presentation "Measuring Delay and Packet Loss at an IXP"
15:19 < MaxStucchi_NCC> Do we have any question for Christoph ?
15:23 < MaxStucchi_NCC> Robert Kisteleki is presenting a measurement about what was seen from RIPE Atlas about the incident at AMS-IX ealrier today
15:25 < ripe636> hi
15:26 < MaxStucchi_NCC> Robert Kisteleki just finished his brief presentation
15:26 < MaxStucchi_NCC> Vesna Manojlovic has begun the presentation "RIPE Atlas Hackathon Results"
15:31 < MaxStucchi_NCC> Vesna has finished her presentation
15:31 < MaxStucchi_NCC> Do you have any questions for her ?