16:04 < Ingrid_NCC> Hi everyone, I'm Ingrid Wijte from the RIPE NCC. If you have questions/comments for the presenter and want me to read it out, please state your name/affiliation and I'll go to the mic when questions are called for. Please note that all chat transcripts will be archived and made available to the public on
16:05 < Ingrid_NCC> RIPE PC Elections - Nominee Presentations
16:05 < Ingrid_NCC> the candidates are presenting themselves
16:06 < Ingrid_NCC> Benno , Shane and Joshua
16:07 < Ingrid_NCC> Benno Overeinder, NLnet Labs and Andrei Robachevsky, ISOC have begun the presentation "Building a More Trusted and Secure Internet".
16:08 < Ingrid_NCC> Benno will give an introduction, the panel will discuss two questions :
16:10 < Ingrid_NCC> what must we trust?
16:19 < shane> Good news everybody, the elections are now open!
16:19 < shane>
16:19 < shane> You need to be signed in.
16:22 < rhe-786> Wote early, vote often. Well, twice, anyway.
16:32 < Ingrid_NCC> it is time for questions
16:34 < Ingrid_NCC> The presentation has ended.
16:34 < Ingrid_NCC> Paul Rendek, RIPE NCC has begun the presentation"IANA Stewardship Transition: Next Steps for the RIPE Community".
16:48 < ripe504> all this talk about the IANA SLA has me curious - does RIPE (NCC?) have a SLA with the members?
16:49 < AlexBand> well, there's this:
16:52 < Ingrid_NCC> @ripe504, is this a question for the mic later, or just a comment/question for the chat room?
16:52 < Ingrid_NCC> Athina will now present on the draft IANA SLA agreement
16:53 < Ingrid_NCC> Questions at the end
16:57 < ripe504> @Alex: thanks for the pointer but that reads more like a member agreement - responsibilities of members toward RIPE NCC ("payment" "indemnify" etc)
16:59 < dfk> i wonder why we are bothering the community with legal language at this level. So I have a question for both the room and the panel at the end: "Should RIPE not stop at discussing the principles as we usually do and leave the implementation - the legal language- to the RIPE NCC? Of course the SLA should be public, but do we need to discuss it in this room?"
17:00 < Ingrid_NCC> @dfk: will u ask the panel yourself, or should i read it out for you?
17:01 < dfk> i am sick in bed, so i cannot ask myself
17:01 < Ingrid_NCC> ah, ok, I will do it for you. Take care!
17:02 < dfk> tks. got food poisoned i think, expect to be back beforeend of mtg
17:03 < shane> "speculations"
17:05 < Ingrid_NCC> the panel is answering you r question, Daniel
17:06 < dfk> listening
17:06 < dfk> clapclapclapclapclap
17:08 < dfk> iagree with hanspetter, that PTI thing is a chimera/re-herring
17:08 < dfk> red-herring
17:26 < dfk> I have never heared of a service contract without a termination clause!
17:29 < dfk> Periodic renewal seems to be standard.
17:30 < dfk> Actually the current IANA contract between US gov and ICANN is structured like that. So why change.
17:30 < ripe876> Hi Daniel,
17:30 < ripe876> I just got kicked out for a second. Paul has closed the MICs
17:31 < dfk> hi, i know.
17:31 < ripe876> ok
17:34 < dfk> clapclapclapclapclap
17:35 < ripe876> The session has ended