16:01 < Michael_RIPENCC> Hi everyone, I'm Michael from the RIPE NCC. If you have questions/comments for the presenter and want me to read it out, please state your name/affiliation and I'll go to the mic when questions are called for. Please note that all chat transcripts will be archived and made available to the public on
16:02 < Michael_RIPENCC> Thomas King has begun the presentation, Making Route Servers Aware of Data Link Failure at IXPs
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16:11 < Michael_RIPENCC> Thomas King has asked for questions
16:12 < slm> isn't the datapath vs control path problem true for any sort of "third party next hop"? is the client-to-routeserver modeling here applicable for other situations where the datapath breaks?
16:12 < Michael_RIPENCC> @slm would you like me to take that question to the mic?
16:13 < slm> i suppose so.
16:13 < Michael_RIPENCC> please can I give Thomas your name and affiliation?
16:13 < slm> Sandy Murphy, Parsons
16:14 < Michael_RIPENCC> thank you
16:16 < slm> addendum to question - route server assistance not possible in other situations, but next hope data base
16:16 < slm> wiukd be useful
16:18 < slm> sorry thomas the chat window agent i have here is not so easy to use.
16:18 < Michael_RIPENCC> The presentation has ended
16:18 < Michael_RIPENCC> The next presentation is from Ivan Pepelnjak and is entitled "Software Defined Networks – Four Years Later"
16:20 < ripe238> Is there a way to participate in the chat with a regular xmpp/jabber client?
16:22 < boggits>
16:22 < dfk> click on "other clients", the info to use your own client is there
16:22 < boggits> then join the right room #plenary
16:23 < Michael_RIPENCC> hi guys, thanks for the info. There are also instructions for other clients under the 'Other Clients' tab
16:28 < ripe234> those instructions should probably include suggested channel names.
16:31 < Michael_RIPENCC> Thanks, @ripe234, I've passed that feedback on to the web team
16:34 < dfk> more feedback for the web team: on the presentations page: if you want to rate presentations you are told to log in using ripe ncc access, but htere is no link anywhere to do that.
16:34 < marita_RIPENCC> dfk: top of the column on the right. Above the search field
16:35 < dfk> not really easy to find, maybe it is my age ...., design can be improved
16:36 < marita_RIPENCC> It's explained on the index, but we'll keep it in mind for future meetings.
16:36 < rip238> why not fix it now? Have the pop-up text point at it…
16:37 < AlexBand> The UX we're using in the RIPE Database is analogous to "Login to Rate" if you're not logged in, and "Rate" if you are
16:37 < dfk> there are a number of standard ways how this is commonly done, so that is what users liek me expect
16:37 < davew-1213> live changes to a conference website while also running a conference? i can think of lots of reasons πŸ™‚
16:37 < AlexBand> and the link straight to
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16:38 < dfk> clapclapclapclapclapclapclap!
16:38 < Michael_RIPENCC> Ivan Pepelnjak has asked for questions
16:39 < dfk> question for ivan: can you give a run-down of the content of the current favourite automation tools in your toolbox and what they are good foor?
16:40 < Michael_RIPENCC> Thanks Daniel, I'll ask that
16:41 < dfk> thanks and it is indeed daniel here
16:41 < mino> good point from the Cumulus guy (sorry I missed your name). Also, what about packet forwarding acceleration coming up lately, i.e. DPDK (for x86)? Figure look promising
16:42 < Michael_RIPENCC> thanks, @mino - can I also give your credentials please?
16:42 < mino> @Michael_RIPENCC Giacomo Bernardi - NGI
16:43 < dfk> no trick question!
16:43 < Michael_RIPENCC> thank you
16:44 < dfk> have to get off the train now. will review answer on transcript.
16:44 < dfk> sorry
16:45 < mino> thanks @Michael_RIPENCC
16:47 < Michael_RIPENCC> the presentation has ended
16:48 < Michael_RIPENCC> Massimo Candela has begun the presentation, "RIPE Atlas Streaming"
16:55 < Michael_RIPENCC> Massimo has asked for questions
16:56 < Michael_RIPENCC> the presentation has ended
16:57 < Michael_RIPENCC> George Michaelson has begun the presentation, "Cryptech Needs You!"
16:58 < teh-35425> In real life, it's a bar code on the back of his neck :
16:58 < teh-35425> :p
17:06 < Michael_RIPENCC> George has asked for questions
17:07 < lear> who is the speaker?
17:07 < rip238> Feliz Yilmaz
17:07 < lear> thank you
17:07 < rip238> welcome
17:08 < teh-35425> Ths project is super important. And I look forward to seeing real products based on it.
17:08 < Michael_RIPENCC> @teh-35425 - is that something you'd like me to announce on the microphone?
17:09 < teh-35425> Michael_RIPENCC: no, I'm just conversing here πŸ™‚
17:09 < Michael_RIPENCC> ok thank you
17:09 < teh-35425> But thank you for the offer!
17:09 < teh-35425> (I'm actually sat in the room, hehe)
17:10 < Habbie> you wouldn't be the first simply too lazy to get up
17:11 < slm> Sandy Murphy Parsons: important research is ensuring hardware design follows spec and inserts nothing other than in the model. Very hard and recognized by crypttech.
17:11 < Michael_RIPENCC> Hi, Sandy. Would you like me to announce this on the microphone?
17:12 < slm> yes. should be said that i am not a crypttech member just talk to those who do. similar comment just made.
17:12 < Michael_RIPENCC> @slm thank you, I'll announce it aloud
17:13 < slm> (hopefully i did better job this time!!)
17:14 < Michael_RIPENCC> @slm I'll also do my best, thank you
17:14 < lear> clarification: is the current focus on developing a good PRNG?
17:14 < Michael_RIPENCC> @lear, thanks for your contribution, Would you like me to announce your name/affiliation and ask your question on the mic?
17:15 -!- mino_ is now known as mino
17:15 < slm> @michael: you did fantastic job, I was the one who messed up.
17:15 < lear> it doesnt' need to go out on the wire
17:15 < lear> on the air
17:15 < lear> but if someone knows...
17:15 < lear> (and it's eliot lear, cisco)
17:16 < robert_ripencc> the *current focus* is (for some definition of current), but in general it's just a tiny bit of the design
17:16 < Michael_RIPENCC> @lear thanks, I left yours out at the last minute! thanks for your contributions
17:16 < Michael_RIPENCC> @slm thanks very much for your support
17:17 < Michael_RIPENCC> The presentation has ended
17:17 < rip238> back to the "point people to the login link" discussion and the objection to making changes during the meeting: I notice that the content itself is changing during the meeting. (e.g. a lightening talk was added). changing the text in that pop-up is not the sam as an OS upgrade on the underlying server.
17:18 < Michael_RIPENCC> Berry van Halderen has begun the presentation "InternetNL Pushing Internet Standards"
17:18 < lear> ok, thanks robert
17:19 < robert_ripencc> this was true a couple of months ago, I recall presos about experimental designs for rng sources
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17:25 < Michael_RIPENCC> Berry has asked for questions
17:25 < Antoin> My domain is all green, except for the fact that I have a self signed certificate. Why do I need to spend money on a CA to be considdered secure?
17:26 < AlexBand>
17:26 < AlexBand> yay
17:26 < Michael_RIPENCC> @Antoin thanks, can I give Berry your name and affiliation please?
17:26 < Michael_RIPENCC> @Alex, is that a quesiotn?
17:26 < Antoin> Antoin Verschuren, no affiliation πŸ™‚
17:26 < AlexBand> Michael_RIPENCC No
17:26 < AlexBand> Antoin I used a free StartCom cert
17:27 < slm> @antoin: any untrustworthy user can self-sign a certificate
17:28 < dRk> guess Antoin is talking about DANE
17:29 < Antoin> Yes, I use DANE, otherwise I would not bee all green :-). Point is that I don't want the hassle te depend on a 3th party for my domain to be secure.
17:29 < Michael_RIPENCC> The presentation has ended
17:30 < Michael_RIPENCC> The session has now ended